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Rococo pianos was found by experts in the piano industry Mr. Ken J. Ecury, Sergei Lugovskoy and concert pianist Konstantin Soukhovetski. Learn more about us.

Ken J. Ecury

Founder and CEO of Lucid Pianos Ken Ecury had decades of experience in designing and producing the most cutting-edge pianos, utilizing the newest technologies and materials. A pianist himself, Ken’s knowledge of piano’s physical parameters and limitations allows him to envision instruments of most remarkable design innovation without ever compromising the quality of the instrument itself. Blüthner Lucid Pianos have beautiful singing sound while the body of the piano is a sculpture in its’ own right. Each Blüthner Lucid Piano is crafted by hand and to client’s specifications and with Ken’s guidance the most otherworldly designs have taken shape and became reality. Rococo Pianos is a new exciting chapter that will fully utilize Ken’s experience and know-how of luxury piano design to take a new shape in the form of Rococo stylistic vocabulary.

Ken Ecury
Sergei Lugovskoy

Sergei Lugovskoy

Juilliard alumnus Ukrainian-born Sergei has been one of the most dynamic leaders in the luxury piano industry for over 15 years. A combination of his knowledge of the instrument and pianist’s training with experience in ultra- luxury segment of the market make Sergei uniquely positioned to anticipate client’s every need and deliver some of the world’s most luxurious instruments to their proud owners. Having worked with celebrities and Royalty, CEOs and private collectors Sergei oversaw the delivery of pianos all over the world: Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe.

Sergei has built a small team of highly specialized piano professionals, who understand instruments inside and out, and in equal measure the luxury

lifestyle into which these instruments are acquired. Sergei’s company Luxury Pianos is the official representative of Lucid Pianos who, together with Lucid Pianos produce world’s best transparent and semitransparent acrylic pianos as well as carbon fiber and 3D printed pianos, the likes of which no other piano producer can match.

Konstantin Soukhovetski

Internationally acclaimed pianist and Juilliard adjunct faculty Konstantin Soukhovetski enjoys a global career, performing on some of the world’s best pianos. It is only natural that Konstantin hands-on experience and insight of the instrument translates to the unparalleled customer service and relationship with our most discerning clients. Having performed at prestige stages such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Louvre, Kennedy Center to name a few Konstantin regularly give private performance on super yachts and in some of the world’s most exquisite private residences. His understanding of the luxury lifestyle as it manifests in client’s piano needs are the very valuable and rare assets for a piano consultant.

Having partnered with Sergei on Luxury Pianos Konstantin is excited to land his experience and expertise to Rococo Pianos success.

Konstantin Soukhovetski


For info on prices and our customization products please send us an email with your contact information. One of our team members will contact you within 24 hours and tell you more about our pianos and services.