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Exceptional Craftsmanship of the best cabinet and piano makers is present on every detail. We only use genuine parts, precious stones and metals.

What sets Rococo Pianos apart from any other piano is that we bring together the luminaries of the two worlds: piano and ultra lux furniture together to craft the kind of object of art that dreams are made of.

Each unique feature has a dedicated artisan whose life’s work is to create a sheer perfection in his chosen niche: be that wood veneer intarsia, precious stone carving, gold leafing and electroplating or pouring bronze bas reliefs. Wood carvers are particularly important to these pianos as the shell-like, asymmetrical shapes that are the essence of Rococo style are featured prominently in almost all of our designs. But we take the concert of Rococo into the 21st century with pushing the design further into the realm of abstract, at times.

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Notable is our Apotheosis model

 whose carvings seem to take on the life of their own, enveloping the piano in their majestic, golden embrace. This is precisely what brings our Rococo pianos out of the museum and into the 21st century – the bold evolution of the Rococo style nucleus into something at once modern and antique.

Craftsmanship Apotheosis
Craftsmanship dream of venice

Rococo pianos are adorned by hand painted murals of incomparable quality. 

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Like the treasures of Medici our pianos feature stunning paintings in the tradition of the grand masters of the Renaissance incorporated into different design elements.

Piano The Golden Age

 While some pianos have bucolic tableaux on the rim and the fallboard, the ultimate pièce de résistance is when the entire underside of the lid is turned into a masterpiece painting.


The image to one of Italy’s most iconic jewelry – Verdura – is evident in the semi-precious stone grape vines that grace our splendid The Triomphe Florile.


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