Rococo Models

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Explore the available piano models available from Rococo Pianos. Our bespoke design is influenced by royal palaces and luxury homes of 17th and 18th centuries.

The Majestic

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With scalloped edges of the tapered curved body rim this Rococo masterpiece is at once commanding and coquettish. Realized in the ancient Italian technique of intarsia (used in Pompei as a flooring mosaic of the rich) here it takes woodwork mastery to the zenith of the virtuosity.

Le Grand Palais

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A more formal sibling of The Majestic is Le grand Palais. It’s scalloped is more laconic while bathing in opulence of inlays and gilded bronze. A tricolor veneer intarsia entwines the entire body of this magnificent piano in series of crests punctuated by the 24K gilded frames.

The Palazzo

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This regal piano is a symphony of wooden intarsia and gilded bronze. All the veneers are sourced from a fruit-bearing trees that possess a warm, glowing overtones and elegant patterns.

The Rite of Bacchus

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One glance at this wondrous creature of a piano and you can imagine Venetian Carnevale and your self as immortal Bacchus, enjoying not only heavenly music at the piano but feasting on heavenly fruit.

Le Petit Trianon

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This stunning creation in white and gold has the spirit of Marie Antoinette’s love nest – Le Petit Trianon, on the grounds of Versailles. 

The Golden Age

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This regal piano is nothing else but a jaw-dropping wonder of unimaginable craftsmanship and vision, unmatched by anything else in the world.

Dream of Venice

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To land a touch of divinity to your space in the form of a piano look no further. This magnificent creation will transform your quarters into heavenly abode where angels reside in eternal bliss.

Le Grand Salon

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This epitome of elegance and taste this stunning piano is at once laconic and majestic. Realized of mother-of-pearl intarsia its encore body, legs and lid are covered in precious material.


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The grandeur of the this piano can only be described as Rococo Apotheosis. The ornate carving representing legs, pedal lira and lower support beam is hand gilded in 24K gold in satin and gloss.

Tsar’s Treasure

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The legends of riches of Russian Tsar speak of entire rooms of malachite furniture. The legend is alive in a form of this piano.


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