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When we hear the word piano a certain image comes to mind: a glossy ebony grand piano. What our mind is unable to conjure are the possibilities of creative departure from grand piano’s elegant if not predictable form. What you discover with Rococo Pianos will redefine your wildest ideas of what a piano can look like. The name speaks for itself – these one-of-a-kind pianos are created with utmost fidelity to Rococo style by the most skilled Italian artisans living today. 

Rococo Pianos - Luxury Piano Collection

Rococo Pianos brings you a collection of bespoke grand pianos inspired by Rococo design and handmade in Europe by world’s best piano artisans.

Rococo Models

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Exceptional Quality and Performance

Rococo’s main feature is asymmetry and nature-derived shell shapes, which open a universe of creative possibilities to the imagination of a skilled artist. These unbelievable art objects are literally sculptural works of art that house a brand new iconic grade German piano within. With this legendary collaboration the iconic German legacy piano builder – Blüthner collaborates with Rococo Pianos in creating the sort of art-case pianos Louis XIV-th would kill for. 

Some piano brands usually produce a period art-case piano model but often that model features a minor surface case adjustments and appliqué embellishments, is made in quantity (however limited) and appears rather Victorian. If you want an otherworldly glamour and are amenable to luxury segment prices nothing in the marketplace comes close to the opulence of Rococo Pianos.

If Maybach and Ferrari had a child – Blüthner Rococo would be it. Under the ‘hood’ it is a professional grand piano with Blüthner’s patented aliquot string technology (fourth string in the higher register which vibrates sympathetically with the other three strings, enriching the tone with overtones).

Available Piano Sizes

All Rococo Pianos are offered mostly in 3 sizes, which correspond to Blüthner’s Model 2/ 238cm, Model 4/ 210cm and Model 6/ 190cm. Larger and smaller sizes upon request. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is large enough to generate a concert-ready sound while not as long as a concert grand piano. Blüthner pianos are praised by world’s leading concert pianists for their sound and action quality. Now, however, these pianos are reborn as haute joaillerie to be magnificent centerpieces of some of the world’ most exclusive home interiors.

Available Embellishments

These pianos are truly a pinnacle of opulence. The use of malachite, precious and semiprecious stones, 24k gilding of bronze and hand painting of murals – there are some, but not all of the hallmarks of these regal instruments. Each of our Rococo pianos are completely bespoke.


The work begins with the client’s description of their vision and then our teams makes it an even more spectacular reality. Highly skilled craftsmen are then tasked with carving flowers from semi precious stones, applying 24K gold finish to the sculptural elements and creating a rock crystal and mother-of-pearl mosaic to simulate a diamond effect. Rococo style, when it comes to piano design features cabriole legs so we made sure no detail escapes our attention. The pedal lyre is also a hallmark feature of the style in all its elaborate glory, so we always use a 24K gold leaf to play off the asymmetry of the Rococo curvatures.

Every finish of every detail of these pianos is worthy of the Royal Palace. The customization covers the entirety of the piano: from the case to pedal lyre, which frequently becomes a visual anchor of the piano when facing it from the front; from the cast iron plate and pin block finish to soundboard color and construction – each detail is realized by hand of the best people of the piano trade. The state-of-the-art player piano system can be seamlessly integrated into your piano making it as hi-tech as it is antique. The international recognition of Blüthner name is your guarantee of quality of the instrument.

It’s an Investment

With demand for ultra luxury products growing around the world Rococo Pianos delivers the sort of instruments that are simply not available anywhere at all. Even the most elaborate Antique Rococo piano cannot be compared to the lavish decadence of pianos we offer. 
A Rococo Piano is an investment in your style legacy. People who own our pianos are known for owning them, as no one ever forgets being in the very nearness of something so spectacular. Owning such instrument turns a home into a palace. We pride ourselves to work with Italian partners that have been in the cabinet construction business since mid XIX-th century and through generations have acquired the unique know-how of carving, molding, inlaying, gilding and painting that are now gloriously make up the most exclusive pianos in the world. Please looks around our site for more information on these extraordinary instruments.

Worldwide Delivery and Service

Our prices include white-glove professional shipping to the destination. When ready for shipping our instruments are carefully packed by hand and are designed with assembly in mind for when the piano needs to be moved, as we understand that the shipping of precious items is always an important consideration.


For info on prices and our customization products please send us an email with your contact information. One of our team members will contact you within 24 hours and tell you more about our pianos and services.